Enamelling has a more than 100-year tradition in Fiľakovo. Even today, enamelling is one of the best surface treatments for metals, mainly due to its resistance to scratches and high temperatures. As part of our production of baking trays and boiler sets, we also use “easy to clean” – ETC enamel certified for contact with food. The enamel workshop is equipped with a conveyor for drying parts and curing system with gas.

In addition to sheet metal enamelling, we also specialize in cast iron enamelling.

When applying enamel, we use the following procedures:

  • watering
  • dippimg
  • spraying
  • electrostatic spraying

There is a wide range of colors to choose from, which are applied in one or more layers.

Products are cured in a gas furnace at temperatures of 760°C to 840°C.

Electrostatic spraying cabine.

Parts from spraying cabine.