Policy of quality

Quality is when our customers come back and our products don’t.” – W.E.Deming

  • We aim to be the preferred choice for our domestic and foreign business partners.
  • Customer demands are our first priority.
  • The objective of the company is a permanent effectiveness improvement of the quality management.
  • The priority of the company management is the quality improvement of our products in terms of the EU specifications.
  • The quality systems involve our suppliers as well.
  • A systematic caretaking of our employees ensures their satisfaction and commitment, which grants us quality improvements.
  • The quality improvement is a continuous process and it has to be systematically monitored.


Environmental politics

  • A systematic improvement of the environment is an important part of the company’s strategy.
  • Observing laws and regulations.
  • Technological innovations and implemented operation processes are taking into consideration the requirements of a healthy environment and utilizing only the needed sources.
  • With the waste recycling we decrease the utilization of natural resources.
  • We design and deliver products with high combustion efficiency.
  • The emissions produced by our products during firing fulfill the limits set by the EU and the even more strict regional or national limits of various European countries.
  • We familiarize the public and consumers with the handling of our products.
  • We cooperate with specialized environmental agencies. The outcomes of these cooperations are implemented as a precaution and improvements.
  • For the execution of the environmental projects we imply internal and external communication.
  • We look after the safety and well being of our employees.
  • The effectiveness of our environmental activities is based upon the positive attitude of our employees towards living environment.