About Us

THORMA Výroba s.r.o. – is a company that was established in 1998 and it continues in almost one hundred year tradition of ex-manufacturing corporation Kovosmalt Fiľakovo. It became familiar to customers mainly by high-quality products with a long-time tradition, which are in compliance with demanding requirements of European standards. Crucial productive activity is the production of stoves, fireplaces and ovens for solid fuel, enamelled products, components for automobile industry and engineering industry. The company exports abroad more than 85% of its production. Its product portfolio has been continually and actively adjusted according to the market demand by own development, design, construction and the testing room.

In 2008 in the states of EU there have been agreed new climate goals for the greenhouse gas reduction. The key to success are renewable resources of energy. Neutral CO2 is produced by wood combustion in modern heating appliances. The environment is less burdened in that way. Wood from domestic forests is available and the production of wood logs does not require any additional energy. THORMA has been producing heating appliances that do not burden the environment for many years. Our stove are  protected  with heat  resistant water based color. These heating appliances have been tested in compliance with the strict regulations. THORMA heating appliances are sold in almost 20 European countries and their owners are pleased by agreeable and economical warm. THORMA quality has a future.