We are using different type of Cutting Technologies:

  • Laser
  • Shears
  • Punching
  • Plasma


Cutting Sheet metal with Laser

Used for cut different shapes. Works with laser ray and cut material up to 15 mm.

Laser Machine TruLaser 3030 Fiber – 4000 W and LiftMaster 1530

Max. material thickness :

Steel up to 20mm

Stainless steel up to 20mm

Aluminium up to 20mm

Copper up to 8mm

Brass up to 8mm

Working area:  3000×1500

Max. material weight: 900kg

Punching Machine

TRUPUNCH 1000R – Used for flexible machining, punching, perforating, bending and threading of sheet material up to thickness 5mm.


Horizontal cutting of rolls

Used for cutting and equalizing of rolls with width 500mm and thickness 2mm

Manual Plasma