Trumpf TruBend 5130 – Bending Machine 

Hydraulic press to bend sheet metal parts.

Trumpf TruBend 5085 – Edge Bending Machine

Hydraulic Press Tranemo 250t

Press force: 250t

Table: 1300 x 1000 mm

Ram area: 1300 x 1000 mm

Tool height: 200 – 800 mm

Trumpf TruBend 7050 – Electromagnetic Bending Machine

Press force – max 500kN
Lift – 215mm

Edge bending length – 1530mm

CNC Rounding Machine

Sheet metal rounding

Press machine 315T

CNC Press with SIEMENS control system

Line For Pressing from Rolls

with force 150 kN and 500 kN


Mechanical Press  500 PKZZ 500/2500

Crank Press used for cutting, bending, pulling

Hydraulic Press

Used for cutting, bending, deep pulling

Rounding Machine